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New to Evernote: Why search doesnt work immediately?

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Hi, I just started with Evernote (Basic, Win 10 v10.12.5 and Web) and wanted to give it a try (used OneNote so far).

Now I see, that any new manually entered note is not found using "Search" immediately - even not after some minutes! I've entered 4 notes with a couple of words. Tags can be found faster but full text seems not to be indexed and/or to be found for a long time - the first search results appeared after ca. 30 minutes. Same behavior in desktop version and different browsers on different machines.

Is this normal? How this can be used in daily work? The most important argument for Evernote was a powerful search engine - but this looks absolutely poor.

Thanks for any feedback or hints.

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If your account was just created, probably the EN server part needs to ramp up. Second the indexing may take a little (usually a few seconds, but this depends on server workload as well).

So let it create your virtual home, and try again.

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Hi @PinkElephant, thanks for your reply. Adding the first 3 notes to the search index took ca. 30 minutes, for the 4th some hours.

Now, next morning in Europe, its seems to be much more quicker - it took ca. 15 seconds to be available in the search results. I'll check it again this evening.


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