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Downloading and Printing PDFs does not work?

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Hello everyone,

when I open a note with an embedded PDF I experience 2 issues:

  • downloading the PDF to local phone storage does not create a proper file
  • printing the PDF via network printer (HP) is not possible

When pressing longer on the embedded PDF there is a download Button (or selecting "save PDF" in the options menu) I can store the PDF locally. But the file is always corrupted, only 1024 kb file size, every time, no matter which PDF file. Therefore when I open the saved PDF with Acrobat it always say "corrupted PDF file, can't open".

For the second topic I did not find any option to print a note or PDF within the app. Downloading the file and print it with acrobat does not work, see issue above.

Any suggestions? Is it a bug or am I the only one who experience this?

My phone: Samsung Note 10+, Android 11, OneUI 3.1,Evernote version 10.8.2 (1112579)

Thank you.

Best regards,


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