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Using EN for professional networking: organizing/linking People, Companies and Meeting Notes

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Hi --

I'm having trouble using Evernote to manage a growing volume of notes related to professional networking and associated conversations. I find myself tracking these by:

  • Saving a snapshot of someone's LinkedIn profile to Evernote in a People note book as a sort of "About this person" page. I often add a section to this page where I make my own notes about the person.
  • Saving a snapshot of a company's home page to Evernote in a Companies notebook as a sort of "About this company" page. I often add a section to this page where I make my own notes about the company.
  • Using Evernote to record notes during calls/meetings with people from various companies, which go into a Meetings notebook. The note is dated, and I keep track of the name of the people (and their companies).

As the volume grows, I increasingly need to be able to quickly see everything I know about a given person or company. I'd like to be able to:

  1. Go to a given Person note and see a chronological list of meetings I've had with them (links to the meeting notes), as well as company/ies they work(ed) for.
  2. Go to a given Company page and see a list of all the people I'm tracking from that company.
  3. Have the meeting notes page link to the pages for the people and/or companies involved, rather than just listing them out in text.

Is there a way to have this simple cross-referencing maintained automatically, either by Evernote or perhaps some 3rd party tool? There are dedicated "manage my network" apps that are trying to do this but they all have their own note taking features, which means my notes would no longer be centralized in Evernote, so I'm looking for a solution that will keep me in EN.

Any suggestions?



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Hi.  There are two options - both using third party apps.

Filterize - https://filterize.net/

This app can populate and keep up to date a Table of Contents note based on note tags and text content.  If you tagged your notes on each individual with <name> and <company> you would be able to generate a ToC note (a 'dashboard') for each individual, listing every time their name has been quoted - which would presumably also contain the company details. You could also create a dashboard for the company listing every time their name has been tagged - including all individuals you have noted. If you wished,  you could also have a dashboard 'index' listing all the dashboards for individuals tagged for that company, plus a dashboard for all individuals working for all listed companies. 

So: a call from company A: - you can jump to that dashboard and be ready to jump to the name of the person you'll be speaking to. 

A call from person B: -and you can jump to the company dashboard(s) that link to that person's name.

Workflowy - https://workflowy.com/

I use WF a lot in conjunction with Evernote.  It's one major benefit - apart from an endless series of nested outlines - is that it's possible to link between bullet points and to have one bullet appear in more than one position (officially a 'Mirror' link).  It also has a killer search feature - instant and comprehensive.

So entering details for one company you could add each employee as a single bullet. Either enter details here,  or link to their full details in Evernote. A company entry would appear as ..

  • Acme Industries
    • R Runner
    • W Coyote

..with as much or as little detail under each entry as you require.  All subsequent notes regarding Mr Coyote could link to his bio with the name in square brackets [[W Coyote]] which automatically creates a backlink in his individual record listing all the instances of such a link being created.

Mirror links do not include backlinks,  but allow the convenience of wherever you see the ((Acme Industries)) link in context, you can instantly change the details of that record - so could add conversation dates or new contact information without needing to search or leave your current location.

I should also mention that every individual bullet/ record in WF has it's own shareable URL so you can embed links in Evernote to jump back and forth,  or easily share contact details with a colleague.

- - - - - - 

I don't know exactly how you'd want to configure your system,  but there's lots of scope!  Good luck...



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Just as an Update:

The filterize.net web site is still offline, going on for days now. Not sure what may be the reason.

workflowy reports about a recent attack with stolen credentials on their users accounts. They have changed their login method to counter it.

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