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Mac Client (non-App Store version) Will Not Check for Updates

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Currently running 10.10.5 on Mac OS 11.2.3
I know there is a newer version of the app out there, but when I manually Check for Updates, nothing happens.
This isn't the first time this has happened.

Anyone else seen this behavior?  Should I stick with the App Store version?  I've always been hesitant to use that version but if there's fundamentally no difference now, maybe I should give it a shot.

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The AppStore version always runs in a sandbox. This has caused problems in the past, that led me to uninstall and reinstall the direct download. I prefer it, my opinion.

The upgrade information from the app may be a day off from the announcement. Is this really important? It will come, eventually.

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I think the new version came out on Monday.  I’ll leave it alone and see what happens, but I guarantee it won’t prompt me for the new version even a month from now.  This is the general state of things in Evernote-land right now.  Works fine on the Windows client though. Got prompted today for the update.

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I checked a few hours ago from my Mac, and it didn’t tell there is an update.

Maybe it is just the translation, I am running the German Version.

Whatsoever, there is worse under the sun than missing a new release for a few days.

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As I said, they roll releases out over a period of time. If you think it through there is actually no need to update each install within minutes after a release. Much softer on the download servers this way. From my observation it never took longer than a few days after they communicated the release on the forum.

You can always get the latest version by using the manual download.

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