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Still constantly freezin for 20 - 60 seconds

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What looks weird is that nearly 50% of what EN uses goes into search.

Either there is something going on in the background that consumes a lot of CPU power, or there is a finished job that was not correctly terminated, and is now running in circles.

Personally I am not using v10 on Windows. I would open a support ticket to have them check the activity log.

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One can say a lot of good things about the new EN, but computing resources efficiency is not a highlight. It basically is an app running inside of a browser, and both use their own share of system resources. However a machine with your specs should handle anything similar with ease.

Sometimes it helps to kill such a job in the task manager - but we users don’t know if that might break something, and it is futil if it repeats itself.

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I've used evernote from i think late 2010 / early 2011. This last 6 months is the very first time i am very dissapointed. Usually i have opened evernote for every single tasks and quick notes. Now I open notepad++ to make quick notes..  :(

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