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Yes, I am shouting.  I wrote about this back in November 2020.  Sync conflicts continue and my patience with EN is running out.  I'm currently looking at three versions of the same note, despite my best efforts to avoid this. 

I don't know why I am even posting this here because it is evident that the EN technical team never look at these forums.  I continue to get sync conflicts all the time.  I'll be working on my iPad and will force a sync before closing the app.  When I open up the app in my MacBook I immediately get a sync conflict.  I'm tired of going through and figuring out which is new, which is old and how much data is split between the two (sometimes three) versions. 

I've had some empathy for EN as they were trying to streamline their product across all the various platforms but they've had enough time now.  They f**ked up when they eliminated the manual sync button from the macOS platform.  They say it continuously syncs, but it obviously does a ***** job of it.  I'm fed up with this.  Maybe bring back the sync button on macOS until you can get this resolved.  Or just leave it on there.  It wasn't hurting anyone, was it?


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No sync conflicts, even with iPad, iPhone, Mac and Mac legacy in constant use. I close the app, if I remember, but often I don’t. Sync conflicts stopped for me around iOS app 10.4. I have a very good internet connection, this may have an effect.

Already tried support on this ? Sync conflicts is a serverside issue -maybe they can tell more.

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I have the same issue.  Continuous sync conflicts. I bet it occurs on 90% of my interactions now. Prior to all the updates by EN the sync process was near flawless.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to prevent this, but the conflicts continue. 

it’s time to find a new app and cancel EN

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Same here!!!

I'm as frustrated and irritated as you are!!!

I've been trying to sort out 3 'conflicting notes' for the past two hours!!!!!

And like you, I have been asking on this forum when this bug will be fixed, but it seems nothing has been done and it seems to be getting worse.....never had three conflicts of the same note before - used to always be two.

It would be good if someone would be able to let us know when (if ever) this bug is going to be sorted out.

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This forum is user to user, and can contribute experience. Since I have no syncing conflicts, no experience to share (other than it is perfectly possible to use EN without any syncing issues).

If you want to get an answer from EN, and maybe even a solution, issue a support ticket.

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Went ahead to the support team. Got run-in-circles and ended up with nothing. All they ever do is telling you to provide activity log -> oh we got updated could you update to latest version -> provide log again -> oh sorry we are aware of it and trying to fix it. 

Do the developers ever eat their own dog food?

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