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I can't write multiple handwritings

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I write my handwriting in my Evernote every day.

But in the current version, you can't handwrite multiple pages.

This works as a fatal drawback to my use of Evernote.

Please make it possible to write multiple handwriting.

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The current sketch feature is no longer trying to be a page. It is more like an infinite canvas.

You can write a lot on it, extend it in all directions, zoom in and out as you wish etc. The downside is there is no „page“ even if you want. Probably hard to print handwritten content created by the sketch feature, even if printing means creating a pdf.

Personally I doubt they will return to simulating a classical „page“.

So either rethink you idea of sketching, or try another tool that sticks to the idea of taking notes on „pages“. One example is GoodNotes 5, that emulates a physical page & notebook situation in their setup. Other notetaking apps like Notability or Noteshelf are similar.

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The best (and saddest) solution is to rollback to a previous version of evernote, before version 10 happened. You can find versions on the web.

Then you need to configure Google play to not update automatically evernote.

You will be stuck with the old version, but at least you can take handwritten notes easily.

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Sticking exclusively with an outdated version makes IMHO really not much sense.

One can add more than one sketch to a note, if it should be single objects of (screen) page size.

This is not replacing a page oriented option, as always there are pros and cons. The infinite canvas has its own merits, I prefer it over my GoodNotes app (which is page oriented and superb for handwritten note taking) when it comes to free sketching (sic) or brainstorming.

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