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How many words can an evernote note comfortably hold?

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Hi this is a question out of curiosity, anyone ever been aware of how many words an evernote note can hold before it might get unstable or glitchy? I am building one for a book note which is going to be pretty substantial in the end so want to make sure I am not going to be prone to data loss.  Its only 6k words just now but only a small bit into the book!

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There is no know limit that would be relevant to text.

Basic users 25MB, Premium 200MB, which is an awful lot of characters.

Out of general thinking I would split the whole thing into several notes, maybe a chapter each. First editing long documents is not really nice in EN, any text editor does better. Second it is auto-syncing, and there is a certain risk of doing a bad edit and loose content. Note history can recover some, but the snapshots are not taken by the minute.

Hint: Have a look at Scrivener - this app is made to build book projects: Collect stuff, outline, fill with content, edit, proof read etc.

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+1 for 'lots of small notes are better than one big one...' - apart from avoiding the possibility that one fumble-fingered action could lose your whole book (!!),  small notes are quick to load and sync, easy to move around within the whole, and helpful to drafting - I generally find that a 'mind map' in one notebook of different note titles,  some with contents,  and some just as place markers,  helps me structure the content in a reasonably coherent manner.  (-Use numbering in titles for chapter / section numbers!)

Plus one 'table of contents' note helps me rearrange content and jump to relevant points quickly. (Long notes are difficult to navigate because - so far - there's no way to bookmark individual sections.  The only way through is to scroll...)

Short is good.

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2 hours ago, WilliamL said:

a book note which is going to be pretty substantial in the end

As per the others, I recommend this be split into multiple notes    
I also question if the Evernote note editor is the best tool.   
I believe in using Evernote to file all my documents, but I have a wide choice of editors to use

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