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Every time they update, EN appears to get worse. I’ve been on the fence for last couple of years, but have shied away because of the work finding an alternate solution and the migration but I think that level of work would pay off in the long run. Every time you update ( and it’s way too often) it takes me too much time to get comfortable again. This is supposed to be an easy solution. IT ISN’T!!! I have about 6 weeks before I re-up my premium. I need to find an alternate!

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I figure this is a work in progress.

I still like a lot of the features that Evernote has to offer. Ive used it since 2012.

I'm premium, too. When they've come into a conflict, they work it out. Just recently, I was  waiting for the change background photo feature in Home in IOS to work. It took a couple of times for the photo to "stick" on my iPhone and my iPad. Eventually, it did.. But it took a few hours.

 It also took me a while to get the hang of Apple Pencil in Evernote. I just kept trying and I eventually got that to work.


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For a long time the complain went „no updates, is this company still alive ?“.

Now the story goes „too many updates, what are they doing ?“.

Frankly, the initial iOS app release was no fun. Since 10.2 it stabilized, since 10.4 all of my core functions are supported. The only real issue IMHO is that the app still runs slow on older devices (iPhone 6S+ and iPadAir 2 in our case). On newer devices it is ok.

Which long requested features have we got ?

  • Improved editor ? Check.
  • Nested tags on iOS ? Check.
  • Table editing on iOS ? Check (mostly).

There are other featuress on my personal backlog, like split screen support on the iPad, working on several notes simultaneously, return of the Apple Watch app, EN widget for the iOS home screen, audio transcription and more. So I hope they keep the pace and continue releasing.


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