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Window opens outside visible display


[Windows Desktop Client]
When opening a note in a new window, Evernote occasionally chooses a location outside the visible area of the displays.
This seems to happen when
I have an external monitor attached; 
and I recently maximised a note window or used WIN + arrow keys to dock a note window to one side of a display;
and perhaps after I shut down Evernote or Windows or allowed Windows or the monitor to sleep while note windows were in that state.
Workaround: I can make the window visible by using ALT + TAB to focus on it, then ALT + SPACE, M, arrow to move it into the visible display.

I'm in the Beta program, but I encountered this with earlier production versions too.

10.9.12-win-ddl-beta (2483)
Editor: v119.2.15531
Service: v1.31.4
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