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Has the search syntax changed?

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I may be very late on some changes, but it seems a search for "word1 AND word 2" is not working properly on the web client.

It used to be that you just have the two words in the search box.

But the results I got looked like "word1" OR "word2".

(Also, navigating and sorting through large search results is terrible in the web client).

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No changes to search syntax AFAIK...  "AND" is not supported as a term.  Searches default to 'and' if there's more than one term included.  If in doubt,  search for one term then tag and search for notes containing the second term plus tag. 

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1 hour ago, fredhammersmith said:

It used to be that you just have the two words in the search box.

I just tried. It doesn't seem to have changed. When I searched for two words I got 64 results. When I put any: in first I got 354

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4 hours ago, DTLow said:

The search syntax is documented Here   
As others posted,  use any: to search for "word1 AND word 2"; the default  is OR

hmm, it's the opposite, I'm afraid:  any: searches for "word1 OR word 2", the default is AND

I tested this on the desktop an Web version...

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The Boolean operators AND and OR are not part of the EN search syntax. Because EN search is set to ignore typical words commonly used, words like „and“ and „or“ will simply be blended out in searching.

Standard is boolean AND for all words in the search field. The operator „any: “ works as a boolean OR.

A small detail: Usually with EN search operators, behind the „:“ there must be NO space in between. AFAIK „any: “ is the only operator that is followed by a space before the first search item is added.


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