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Please bring back Tabs on the desktop version.



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@Jake72 don't get your hopes up... as made evident in this thread, Evernote clearly does not read these requests.
Otherwise their CEO would not have said [paraphrased] "We are not implementing tabs at this point... it was not a heavily utilized feature" in this YouTube interview.

Evernote's growing incompetence may force me to make a better version pretty soon!  I've tried dozens of notes apps and keep coming back to Evernote, which is unfortunate because it leaves much to be desired.

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I can not believe they got rid of tabs on the (mac) desktop app. Are they completely insane? I use tabs all the time when I am multi-tasking. If I'm doing 3 things at once then I have 3 tabs open. I seriously dont know how i'm going to make this work without tabs because, lets face it, navigation between pages and notebooks is very clunky. I have been a Premium Subcriber for 7 years, but this could be the thing that pushes me over the edge to start using the dreaded "other product".

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Watched the interview ?

  • Create the "tab" content as a separate window
  • Use the web client, creating several tabs running with EN web client
  • Use legacy
  • Hope they will change the position, introduce tabs one day.
  • Move on to "that other product".

That should pretty much cover it.

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