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Upcoming Demo/Webinars: 4/28/21 & 5/6/21

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Hi All, 

Join the Customer Success Team a demo of the new Evernote (~20mins) and a live Q&A (~20mins) session. 

You can sign-up here: (Both sessions will cover the same information)

The New Evernote | Live Webinar on 04/28/21 1pm CST

The New Evernote | Live Webinar 05/06/21 at 1 pm GMT+1 (London)

You can submit a question to ebwebinars@evernote.com to be answered live!

This presentation will highlight four key areas in the new Evernote:

  1. Navigation in the new Evernote
  2. Home -- our new feature!
  3. New Note Editor
  4. Search 

Plus you'll learn some tips and tricks in Evernote along the way!

All the latest updates and new features are available by installing the latest version.

Be sure to Install the new Evernote before you join. Download here


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For those interested in attending and trying to work out what the times and dates mean:

the first is on 28th April 2021 at 19 UTC, or maybe 18 UTC (CST would be 19 UTC but i imagine they mean CDT which is 18 UTC)

the second on 6th May 2021 at 12 UTC.

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I have registered to watch this recording on-demand. I came to the same page asking for Passcode.  I thought I will receive it via email after the registration.  But I didn't receive the passcode.

Is the recorded webinar available now?

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