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Filterize support is lowsy, many questions emailed left unanswered

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I have bough Filterize for few years now and recently just using it rigorously, and found many problems

Since I emailed them and get very slow or totally no answer, so I choose to post the problems faced here, hoping any other users can assist me if you have encountered.

They do not build a forum for users, might be too many bugs overwhelming so that do not want to expose to public's eyes.

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Have anyone encounter these problems, or bugs?

1. I have two advanced filter with parameterization, were set to alter note title when title contains a keyword AND a trigger word
Trigger word is to make sure, only certain condition the title should be altered, or else it will make my note title a mess (Sadly, it did!)
——But it has been executing even title does not contain trigger word
——More exaggeratingly, it has been executing even these two filters were DEACTIVATED or DELETED !!! (Ya, I tried both, so I know)
——I even revoke Filterize‘s access to Evernote and reauthorize, some of the rules are still executed! 

2. Table of content only one will work and others don't.
When setting up the rules, preview notes did show up. But when apply the search tag, it won't convert to a list of notes
——this is an old problem which I faced when I first use Filterize few years ago after I have made the purchase, haunting me till now

If this forum has Filterize staff, I hope to help me solve the problems. The helpdesk guys just won't reply or reply very late. 



3. Block Tag won't work
——notes with block tag are still processed, making a big mess to my notes!

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1 hour ago, kiatlc said:

The tags are there, but Filterize says could no find tag, why?

Log into the web app and confirm the tags have been uploaded server   
fyi  We've seen reports of Evernote search failing

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Log into the web app and confirm the tags have been uploaded server   
fyi  We've seen reports of Evernote search failing

Thx but a search tag is a placeholder to convert to ToC, it is not really a tag of notes. Same name but different thing

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Hi. One thing I didn't realise when I first started using Filterize - it will only process notes when they sync to the server. In the days when Evernote had a manual sync on desktop apps it was easy to make sure the note was changed and synced to test an operation. In v10, the 'automatic' syncing means you need to ensure that Evernote realises a change has been made, and syncs the note(s) appropriately. 

Filterize has (it says) completed around 1,600 actions for me in the last 28 days.  There are 5 currently outstanding on my account from today. (The home page at filterize.net shows an Activity Log -via the 3-bar menu at top left of the dashboard). 

I've not noticed any major issues in several years of use - the only conflicts I've had have been in parameterized notes where other terms in the list of keywords have triggered two separate actions. I changed the keywords and/ or the filters to avoid that.

I recently found forinstance that when I moved a note to one notebook manually,  Filterize would move it to a different one. Repeatedly.  There's an option somewhere to flag a note so that Filterize will not test it,  which I'm now using for manual changes. 

Contact Filterize via Social Media - https://www.facebook.com/filterize & https://twitter.com/Filterize (though neither has been active for some time). The round green button at the bottom right is a Chat option that has responded to me in the past within a few days at worst. Or there's contact@filterize.net  


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