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Date stamp for exported notes??

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I just exported my notes to HTML Worked fine after I truncated titles. Only problem is, there is no time/date stamp on any of the notes?? How am I supposed to know when I created the note? Tell me there is a way to include the date and time with the HTML file! please :)

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22 minutes ago, MJ17 said:

Tell me there is a way to include the date and time with the HTML

I included an screenshot of the html code from an exported note on my Mac
The dates are included as meta names286175345_ScreenShot2021-04-19at11_41_34.png.edb12afc9b9309ade546e5e7c745ef25.png

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7 minutes ago, MJ17 said:

Sure would help to have them with the note content

I'm not clear what you're asking for in "have them with the note content"

fwiw  I posted a request linked below to show metadata using the OS file metadata
          To indicate support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion


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