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At what point does Evernote issue a credit when their app hasn't worked for 3 months?

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3 hours ago, ehrt74 said:

v10 works fine for me, and it always has. it has many more features than the old v8.

And me too. It isn't my primary place for accessing Evernote content but it does almost everything I' ve ever done in Android.  Just misses the widget that allowed a note to appear on the home screen. But I can manage without that.

2 hours ago, mikefinleyco said:

Don't let the app update or you are screwed

Well, I've had multiple updates to the new app and all have worked just fine.  Each one has seen fewer challenges such that I'm happy working with the Android version. I've seen other threads where potential solutions have been suggested for your problem. Have you tried the option to rename the default notebook in, say, the web interface. Check in Android. Then rename the default notebook back to its original name if that's what you require? THis was a solution for blank content in Android since the early release. Otherwise, you could uninstall, grab the apk from a service such as APKMirror and manually roll back being sure to turn off updates.

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