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Evernote for iOS version 10.8 release notes

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  • Home is now available on iOS! It's a one-stop dashboard that puts the information you need front and center—neatly organized and instantly available.
  • Home consists of widgets that display your content in a convenient and streamlined view. All customers have a notes widget, a scratch pad widget, and a recently captured widget.
  • Evernote Premium and Evernote Business customers have additional widget options, as well as the ability to customize the appearance of their Home.
  • One of your most-requested features is here! You can now search inside PDF files. 
  • You can now apply search filters from the Notes view, to help you find what you need faster.Fixed:
  • We've made some adjustments so it's even easier for you to edit tables on your phone or tablet.
  • If you were viewing a long list of search results while in Snippet view, you would sometimes see a few false results at the bottom of the list.


Coming Soon:

  • Search shared notes in Evernote Business via Work Chat.
  • Improving search functionality by giving it the ability to recognize differences in punctuation (e.g., “O’Neil” vs. “oneil”).
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  • Shane D. changed the title to Evernote for iOS version 10.8 release notes

Nice job rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, guys. The new “home” screen shows less of what I want, and it boots up just as lethargically on my aging iOS devices as the last release did. It’s still taking fifteen goddamn seconds to go from tapping the icon to being able to type in a new note on my iPad Air 3 that handled the old version perfectly well. Ten seconds on my iPhone 6s. And the phone version is very STILL trying to import two images I was stupid enough to try to send from the camera to EN back when 10.8 came out.

But I can customize the graphic taking up a quarter of my “home” screen, YAY, that completely makes up for everything!

Evernote’s sluggish boot times on iOS have basically ruined it for me and this release does nothing for that. I still haven’t found an alternative that meets my needs so I’m still *theoretically* using this thing like I’ve been doing since 2010 but really if I’m gonna make a quick note I boot up Apple Notes because it actually comes up while I can still remember the idea I had. Or I take out a physical notebook and a pen. If I did’t have to share notes with my Windows-using husband I would’ve just migrated to Apple Notes by now. Apple Notes is ready to work three seconds after I tap its icon. Less than a third of what EN takes now.

Is “make this thing load in a sensible amount of time” even on the roadmap? What about “put Evernote Classic on the App Store so I can keep using it while you ***** around for three more years trying to make the new version usable”?

You’ve got until August to fix this, my account renewed shortly before this cursed update last year, and if it ain’t usable before then then I am not gonna renew.

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Is there any chance we will see the ability restored to export scanned business cards to local contacts on MacOS?  This was the main reason that I switched to Evernote years ago.  Please do your best to get it back working again.  Thanks!

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I'm running 10.8.2 and any change of the home screen background image doesn't 'stick'. Also, scrolling produces horrible "redraws" on all pictures or note titles. Both issues flagged to the support team but if others have the same please let them know.



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I really like "Home" so I'm glad it's come to iOS, but it leads to a black screen every time I open it on my iPad.  Yes, I've loaded 10.8.2 (several times).  Yes, I tried the "work-around" in the other thread.  Are you going to fix this or have you already moved on?

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On 4/20/2021 at 12:23 AM, Angry said:

To Do for v10.9:  

  • Add a user preference to switch the b*** f*** s*** Home off.
  • for every plattform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Web.



This! This home thing is showing directly after starting Evernote. Why are you trying to shoehorn this new Home interface into your users without we asking for it? It's sad to see you using resources into features like this instead of putting effort in really improving the app with useful things.

You are taking the Xbox One way, investing resources in useless things while the competition advances with giant steps.

Let us turn this thing off or at least let us start the app in the last notebook we were working on. How can you interfere so blatantly with a proven workflow that works and that we have been using for years?

This "let's do something to make everyone think we are innovating" thing is not working guys.

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I cannot get this to work - it is wasting hours of my working time - I can't get it to go back to an earlier version of the app either - I can get to my notes on my lap top - the MAC version is black and I don't want to work in the dark - but I used the Iphone app a lot and now that won't work ... not keen to continue my Premium ££ :(


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Cannot get this upgrade of App to work - three days in and no response from Evernote what so ever - not going to be able to use this - have been a Premium user since 2012 but won't be paying for this I am afraid . I use Evernote for work and will have to look else where. 

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