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Scratch Pad unable to keep changes while on VPN

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I really like the new Home layout and the ability to have the Scratch Pad.  It really helps me sync my day to day activities.

The problem I have is my Scratch Pad does not update and keep things synced when my computer is on my works' VPN.

This happens in both the Windows App, and Web App on my Windows 10 computer

While I'm on my VPN. It does a couple things that doesn't make sense - 

  • I will update the Scratch Pad...then a couple minutes later - those changes are gone
  • Then later on in the day - the Scratch Pad will show conflicts with multiple versions asking which one to keep 
    • Once I select one, it will update...then a few minutes later it will revert back and show the same conflicts as before

When I'm home and not on the VPN - everything works great, syncing now with my iPad and iPhone. 

Please help I really want to use this feature




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