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EN 10.11.5 Audio recording not possible

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Hi, I cannot record anything within Evernote App for windows. Error message (translated from german version): "Recording for audio not available! Please configure your browser to allow audio recordings". I am now wondering which browser is meant, since I am using the windows app, not the web browser. It would be somehow strange,  if my standard browser configuration would block Evernote App from using the mic of my windows PC. I would consider this a bug. Can anybody confirm this error?
I submitted a ticket.

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Sorry, I can't confirm the error. I opened a new note, chose Audio Recording from the Insert button and the recorder launched and recorded me mumbling away. I could then play back.

Let us know what your ticket reveals.

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The error disappeared today magically without any doing on my side. Recording works now, but with very inferior quality on windows.

I testet recording of 1 minute:

EN 10.11.5 Windows = 350 KB, ca. 47 kbit/s, mono, OPUS-Audio = very bad metalic sound - no improvement over legacy - not what I expect in 2021 😞

Android 10.7.2 = 955 KB, ca. 128 Kbit/s, stereo, AAC-Audio (mp4a) = crisp and clear sound, well done, way better than on 8.13.3 🙂 


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I am experiecing the same issue. when trying to record in a note I  get the pop up error message "Recording for audio not available! Please configure your browser to allow audio recordings" 

If anyone knows how to resolve this, it would be very helpful. The audio recording feature is one of the main reasons I use evernote

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Since it seems the ticket from the initial post did not solve the problem (it was solved by magic instead …), you should probably ask support about it. We know that the v10 EN client is running inside of a Chrome engine (the Electron framework), so maybe Windows is taking the app as a browser.

But no idea where in settings this could be located.

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