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Screenshots with format .png not displayed

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Hi all,
The screenshots with format .png are not displayed correctly on my Windows computer and on the web version of Evernote ( see attached). Is there a solution for that?

PNG screenshot.jpg

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I just checked... I imported a PNG into Evernote 10.11.5 by first of dropping it onto the note snippet column and then into an empty note and in both cases the image displayed exactly as it should inside a new note.

I was also able to paste the screen shot directly into a note (although it isn't created as a PNG in that case) but this displayed correctly as well.

The normal approach might be to completely uninstall ensuring to completely remove the data and program directories. Then reinstall and try again.

If that does not resolve the issue then I'd raise a support ticket.

You might also describe the process you follow so that we can try out your method and see if we can reproduce the result.

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Thank you agsteele
My process is the following: I take a screenshot on my cell phone, then send it by email to my computer.
I just tried to drag and drop a png and it works. I think the problem is for png files that were there before the new version.


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@Phil2656 I can't go back to old PNG files. I tried what you describe.  My cell phone creates screenshots as JPG files rather than PNG but these import just as I would expect.

You could, instead of Emailing to your computer, instead Email directly to your Evernote Email address and the image should appear directly inside Evernote. You could add @your_preferred_notebook_name to the subject and then it should appear as a note in the correct notebook.

If it is just old PNGs then I'm not sure I can help you. Have you tried looking in the legacy version of Evernote? If legacy works then perhaps you could drag an image to the desktop then recreate the note.  Obviously you'd only do this when you needed to go back to an old PNG.

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