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Messed listing with fake duplicates and notes in the trash

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Evernote client for Android (OxygenOS 11.GM21BA) - EN release 10.7.2 (1112038)

When listing all the the notes, recently updated or visited notes appear duplicated. Such duplicates do not actually exist in EN Web or my PC client. When listing notebooks, entire notebooks appear duplicated as well, without being actually duplicated in the data base as seen on the Web or Windows EN clients.

This causes a real mess, since editing one of the fake duplicates in cellphone may cause a real duplicate in the database. This makes me waste precious time.

Other than that, notes added on the home screen vanish out of the blue after rebooting the device, erratically. I haven't been able to find a pattern to reproduce this fact: sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Please fix this mess (which is far more important than adding frills and whistles to the app ;) )

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