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Retrieve all my notes from 2016-present

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Sorry but I don't even understand "revoked all previous sessions".  You have an account with a user name and password.  There are no sequential 'sessions' of notes. Everything you saved into your account should still be there.  Could you have created a different account somehow for your later notes?

EDIT: and please don't post the same query in two places. I zapped your other post.

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53 minutes ago, bobrep said:

I was changing my password and the confirm password dialog box had a very small box in it to check, 'revoke all previous sessions'

That dialogue refers to any devices that you may have logged in from previously - you were disconnecting anything that was logged into the account with your original password and making it a requirement that all devices would have to log in with the new password.  That would not have altered which notes you could see.

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On 4/17/2021 at 7:23 AM, bobrep said:

How do I get all my notes back from 2016-present?

Can  you provide background on the location of the notes "2016-present"   
Where were they stored?

Standard Evernote use is for notes to be entered on a device  
then uploaded to the Evernote servers during the sync process   
You should be able to log into the web platform (www.evernote.com) and access all your notes

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Thanks for reporting this issue. I'm happy to help find the notes. In most cases the missing notes are tied to a separate account associated with a different email address..   I've followed up to your email to help further. 

If you haven't already try logging in using your other email addresses here: https://www.evernote.com/Login.action 

Revoking the previous sessions does not delete notes. It should only force log out the clients that are logged into the account.  

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I have found my notes in my seldom used gmail login. Not too long ago I received a notice from Evernote to verify my email address. I thought that it wouild be better to use my everyday email address so I changed it to my .net email. And, I thought that I should change my password also...

Did I create 2 different accounts? Because I upgraded to premium Evernote with my comcast.net email and not my .gmail email. 

I would really like to have only ONE Evernote account with ONE email associated with it.... having all my notes from both accounts together and then I can see if I like the premium version of Evernote.

Thank you for all your help.

Robert L. R.

*****@gmail.com /***@comcast.net

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thanks @bobrep. Yes there are two separate accounts tied to two different addresses. 

 Looks like both accounts were created in 2016 and the gmail account has been in use since.  Use these steps to merge the content of your two accounts: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004867-Merge-the-contents-of-two-Evernote-accounts  The steps ask you to  export the notes from one to the other.  

Since it sounds like your gmail account contains most of your content I recommend moving your notes from the comcast account into that account. Even if you already upgraded the comcast.net account. We can sort out the billing after the accounts are in order easily. 

In my experience It's easiest to keep the content in the  account that has more notes and notebook, and move the notes from the account with less content over. Once all the notes are in the single account we can update the email address to your desired address and move the paid subscription over. I'll follow up with you in our email thread to continue to assist, but for anyone else that falls into this scenario the process outline is:

  1. Export notes from account with less content into account the account that contains more content
  2. Ensure anything  you need in the smaller account has been exported and saved into the large account
  3.  downgrade, refund, and deactivate the smaller account 
  4. update the email on the larger account to the desired email 
  5. upgrade the account 

PS I redacted your emails from your post above for your email security because spammers sometimes like to abuse emails posted on forums.  



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