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Is anybody else seeing horrible jumping on picture previews when you scroll on the new 'home' page on iOS? As soon as you stop scrolling everything settles down but scroll even a pixel and its like the picture previews are fully redrawn.

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The support team have confirmed that this is a known issue which is to be fixed in an update. Hopefully an x.x.1 update rather than an x.1 which always take longer.

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15 hours ago, southernforge said:

@Steven Eff, I noticed this too, along with the process of changing my Home screen background images remains broken, after updating to v10.8.2.  Ugh!

Yes, it goes through the motions but doesn’t stick the landing 

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Yep, change to own home background home pic won't stick on ios version .... yet another example of "agile" reputation destruction through inadequate pre-release testing where subscription fee paying clients are expected to their testing for them with buggy releases ! ugh

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I've raised a ticket with them on Twitter and have sent them a screen recording of it. I do get a bit frustrated that we are paying to beta test some functionality. Don't even start me on the fact that I've paid for 6 months of Premium and haven't had the long promised "Coming Back Soon - Apple Watch support".

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I’m in the beta program on another iOS device but the latest version available there is 10.7….so I can’t check if a 10.9.1 or a 10.10 fixes it.

At least home picture banner changes “stick” now.

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