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Not sure if anyone else noticed, but I can't find a note I've just added. I see it in all my notes but if I search for it with keywords of the title, nothing. If I search by tags, nothing. But I KNOW IT'S THERE. The whole idea of Evernote for me is its search engine, both in all notes AND inside the note. 

It's ridiculous. I've titled my note KO invoice template. I've tagged it with these 3 words. I search with all 3 words = nothing, with each word = nothing, by tags = nothing. And yet, it exists, it's there. It's happened with many many notes. What's the point of this software now???????????

I wonder if I need to re-index all my notes? 

At this point, Note on Mac is much better but because I have over 4K of notes, Apple woN,t let me put it on cloud wihtout charging me extra. That's the only reason I'm not saying adieu to this bad bad bad new version.

Legacy version was frankly better. What has happened with this latest update?

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Yes, I have the same serious problem. It either takes a very long time after adding a tag the note appears in the search for this tag or it never is found. I hope it is a temporary problem and gets solved soon.

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