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The copy/paste protocol in the app across both platforms I use it on (mac and android) has been really buggy in the past few months. Is anyone else finding this? 

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I'm having the same issue. Why can't we copy paste from parts of a note? 


I rely on this feature heavily when doing webinars and sending out follow up information. 

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I am on Mac, copy / paste of images does not work at all from over a yer now! I really don't understand why Evernote dev Ignore this severe issue. How can you think to an application that prevents you from copying / pasting image contents to Email, Notes etc. 

Hope Evernote development team will one day come back with solve this major issue this otherwise I will be forced to migrate to alternative solution. I am on paid plan from 2013 !!!!!


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EN Mac 10.11.5

Copy and paste worked even before, by using the clipboard.

What does work now with 10.11.5 is drag & drop of pictures from and to the finder.

Maybe you need to specify what is not working, reinstall the app or contact support.

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