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Please, disable spellcheck _everywhere_




Can you please extend the "Disable spellcheck" feature to the whole application?

In one of my previous posts, I stated that if the new Evernote will come up with the disable spellcheck option, I will upgrade my subscription  from Plus to Premium. They did... and I upgraded. But it looks like that I should have waited.

It seems that they implemented the "disable spellcheck" switch only half way. :(It, indeed, works in the main application. Nevertheless, if I open a note in a new window I still see the red lines in notes written in another language than Windows default. I do often open multiple EN windows and the red lines are really disturbing. And the same issue is with the Scratch pad widget (but this is only minor).

Can you look into this, please?


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So when will this really be solved? 
This issue is open for a long time, see: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/128874-feature-released-in-version-107-ability-to-disable-spell-checking/#comment-605488, which thread was closed by Shane D. because it was solved in version 10.7. However, like ViktorN, noted it is not solved when you open any note in a separate window. I'm using version 10.12.5 on Windows and still not solved.

It is annoying when literally all text in the note is underlined with red lines. So when will this be properly solved? 


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Has this been fixed? I don't see any way to stop seeing people's names, proper nouns, cities all displayed as if mis spelled in my notes. There is no menu item under Preferences to turn it off. This is the most incredible disregard for Usability that I can imagine, my notes have red lines all through them and I can't turn them off. How can any Software company think this is OK? Am going to keep using Legacy until the F that up too. I probably should not be giving this company an more of my time and money.

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