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I'm news on Evernote. 

First, sorry for my Bad english, i'm french and i I lack practice.

To begin with, about myself, I am 32 years old, I am from Lille and I work in IT. I am on Android 11 with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

I'm thinking of switching to an Oppo and looking for a reliable alternative to the Samsung Note app.

Evernote looks perfect except for a point where I'm blocking.

Would you please tell me if there is a possibility to display a widget with the contents of a note directly on a desktop?

I do not find. I have search in playstore, Google and forum but not result.

Thank you in advance for your help. 




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Hello! At the moment there is no widget with note contents directly on the home screen available in evernote v.10. This used to be in v.8, I think, so it may well be added soon.

You can create a link to a note on the home screen. when you click on it, evernote will open the note in question.

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Hello! All I can say is that v.10 of evernote (a complete rewrite) was launched without widgets at the end of last year. Since then it has seen 7 major revisions, all of which added features. Some of the features which were added were features that used to be in the old Android app. the widgets that do exist were added in 10.4 (i think), however a note view widget used to be in the old Android app. I think it will be added to v. 10 at some stage, but if this takes a month or 6, there i have no idea.



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