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Face Recognition/Biometrics to unlock Evernote

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I'm using Evernote Beta 10.7.2 (1112038) (on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7). I've turned on Passcode | Unlock with biometrics. I love the fact that I can unlock using my fingerprint. Evernote also seems to be able to offer the ability to unlock with Face Recognition (even better). However, after turning on this feature, it always defaults to fingerprints, and I have to then click on the face icon for Face Recognition to unlock. 

It would be much better if there was an option to default to one or the other. So, while it offers both fingerprints or Face Recognition (or whatever else there is), a user can default to one (i.e. shown as blue), and then still offer other ways if say, the Recognition isn't working by simply selecting (say) Fingerprints. If all fails, it falls back to PIN. 

Not a bug, but certainly would make life a lot easier.


BTW, on my OnePlus 8T (even though Face Recognition) is turned on, the option to use Face Recognition is not presented (same version).

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