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Evernote 10.6 is *****. Buggy, slow, please return to previous version

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I don't know why is it but every lage software company ends up making ***** out of their once revered software. 

This update is  an example. it appears that at some point leadership in the company think that something in the way of change must be done for the customer base to see that they are doing something.

Unfortunately, they always forget at some point to do the proper real-life check on updates. The slowness and buggyness of this update i appalling, it need not be detailed, but I'll try:

Take for instance the simple clipping of a file -any file, need not be a large one, both from my device of from the browser. The uploading, tagging and settinng up of the new note takes 3 times as long at it used to. The tags, OMG, the tag list gets populated with tags that I do not want - the program chooses the tags for me ! OMG. Every action like clicking on a new tag, editing, everything takes way longer....

Also, -and this is perhaps too much to ask- don't hesitate to admit that an update does not work and be prepared to retract to previous version if it seems appropriate. I'm not very optimistic on this point though.- It appears that modern world is tied down to this feature: nobody acknowledges an error fully to the point of retracting a previous action. (take for example politicians and bureaucrats: how many time have they repealed a law that is evidently falty and counter-productive ? NEVER.


In summary, please remember to do real-life testing before releasing a new version, I think this is not an excentric demand for utility software. The software in its present state is just in the verge of not being useful. Evernote is a fine piece of software mainly because of its SPEED and RELIABILITY. Take thse two out and we'll have to look elsewhere. 

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