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Search not finding PDF handwritten notes!

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I have tried emailing PDF handwritten-notes from my Remarkable 2 e-writing tablet, to Evernote, but they are not found when searching a word I have written in the note.   I have made sure the word I search was clearly written and legible.    It seems like Evernote is not doing any indexing on these emailed notes.  I am strictly a MAC and IOS user.  This is happening on my iphone and Mac.  Is there a setting or something I need to do, for Evernote to index the emailed PDF note?

This is a critical need for my daily workflow!



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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Answered in the Windows thread here - 


(Please don't post more than once on the same issue...)

Did you forget to attach a link to the answer in windows?

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