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Back button and Forward button do not work

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All within a single notebook:

1. Click on Tag 1 in left nav.  Some notes show up in Notes pane, and Note 1A (first note in the Tag) is auto-selected.

2. Click on Note 1C still in Tag 1

3. Click on Tag 2 in left nav.  Note 2A is auto-selected.

4. Click on Note 2D still in Tag 2

5. Click on Note 2F still in Tag 2

5. Hit the Back button 4 times.

Expected: It will navigate backwards to Note 2D, Note 2A, Note 1C, and Note 1A, in that order.  The Forward button should become enabled so I can navigate forward as well.

Actual: After the first click it navigates to Note 2A.  All subsequent clicks on the Back button just keep the note on Note 2A.  The forward Button stays greyed out and I can never use it.


Version info:

10.10.5-mac-ddl-public (2487)
Editor: v120.1.15587
Service: v1.31.4
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