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Stop with these update prompts

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Seriously, provide a toggle to turn update prompts off. When I use evernote, i want it to load quickly and be ready for what I need to get down. I don't want to see a prompt about a new version every 3 days that I have to click through and I don't want to be downloading a new version ever 3 days. I understand you want to do sprints and agile development, please don't force your methodologies down my throat. I could give two flying frogs about your latest feature, give me an unannoying, fast notes app. I'm not saying you can't keep developing the way you do, what I'm saying is if you don't give me an option to turn off those prompts, I'm finding a new notes app created by people who understand what their customers want in a notes app......and annoying the sht out of them isnt what they want. 

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Can you tell us which client and version you're using so the mods can move this post out of the General forum? Screenshots would be helpful too.

I don't use the Web interface to EN very often, but almost every time I do I see pop-ups (from EN, not ads) about new features or updates. Separately, there's a notification badge next to "what's new" in the lower left, so these pop-ups are just redundant, annoying clutter. Is that what you're talking about?

Maybe the latest EN Win client and Android app have this problem, but I won't know know as I don't use them yet. As for the Mac side...well maybe someday.


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Was this resolved on Windows? Is there a way to mute this annoying notification. In the middle of typing and the annoying box comes up mid way. I look up to find my typing is missing as the notification took precedence. Very annoying. I will update weekly and manually. I don't want the annoying update notification 😒

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I would also like to know of a way to disable the popup reminder about new versions.  This pops up during the middle of presentations and other screen sharing.  It has become enough of a distraction that I have to consider cancelling Evernote and finding a different solution.

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PLEASE let us choose to update manually and  when  we want. The constant update pop ups everyday is getting out of hand! I have been  a member since 2013 and i'm seriously going to dump this app if you don't  stop  pushing autoupdates every fricking day!

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