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Image is not displayed on shared note

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Hello. I have established a note with an image and it, and it works fine in Windows desktop, online app and android.

But when I share the note, the images not displayed on the shared note.

Grateful for any help or advice

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I have the exactly same issue with markjl, all of the picture that shared note is unable to see and all the attachment unable to download on shared note. This shared note not that new note, all are the existing shared note. Is there any update on this issue?

Image 1.png

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I have the same issue since this morning. I have opened another topic on this.

All my old notes as well the new ones they have this problem. Not only on images but also on every files as well.

Please could you please solve the problem as soon as possible? (question to the evernote dev team)

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9 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  How are you sharing?  (Or more importantly how exactly is your share-ee attempting to view this note?) And how big is the image? - It might tale a while to load into a browser and/ or initially to sync with another Evernote account.  You could try editing the content slightly to re-sync the note...


I share using the note shared button

which when I copy the link and paste into chrome, displays without the embedded image, just the image icon as below

share button.png

copy link.png

on shard.png

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