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I have been using A Fujitsu ix500 with the Rack2Filer Smart software. Has anyone done a 'mass move' of documents from Rack2 Filer into Evernote? 10.10.5 for Windows?

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Hi.  How are your documents stored?  As PDF files in one or more Windows folders?  You could install the Legacy Windows app and define an Import folder - a 'watched' folder that will move anything saved there into an assigned Evernote notebook.  Move your R2F files into the Import folder and then to Evernote - you could then split your files into additional notebooks if you wish.


Create import folders in Evernote for Windows

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They are in the default Windows directory used by the Rack2FIler software. There are seven "bookshelves" about half full of "binders".

I have been exporting important PDF files to insert into Evernote notes, but the volume is too great to do it all manually.  I am concerned that Fujitsu might stop supporting, but they have been great so far, I never used the Evernote special IX500, just the "stock" Fujitsu version.  Do not what to go thru the legacy then reinstall, I am on version 10.10.5 for windows. I run the local app at home but sometimes use the web or mobile interfaces from the road. Thanks. 

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