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(Archived) BUG: Not auto-syncing



I have my Evernote application on the Mac set to sync with Evernote every 5 minutes. However, it doesn't seem to do this automatically. If I have updated or new notes on my iPhone or on Evernote online, the desktop application will not retrieve them until I click "sync".

Is anyone else's sync broken? What do I need to do so that auto-syncing works correctly?

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I looked in the Activity Log and saw the following message--with many time-stamps:

2010-11-07 01:40:12 0x6123e0 [ENAppController] DEBUG: Not auto-syncing because the server does not appear to be reachable

Notes appear to be auto-syncing from the iPhone, so surely the server is working properly. Makes me think that it's an issue with the Desktop application.

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this has been happening to me since v 3. (i am on lion also) -- syncing is fine on my android - but many times i head out for my errands - open EN on my android and watch it sync - but cant find my newest data - when i get home i see my EN open and sitting there w/ the 'sync' arrows not moving - and the dots beside items that have yet to sync. mine is set to every 5 min. there is no error or reason for it to fail to start the sync - its like it doesnt bother to initiate it. if i force it to sync it works fine.... nonetheless i shouldn't have to remember to force sync before i leave so that i have my updated notes on hand .... today i saw that i note i added text to yesterday morning was STILL not sync'd -- i went in to prefs to ensure it was set to 5 min - yup - and even the shared notebook (which it wasn't in) was set to 1 hr - this is 30 hrs after i edited the note.

i am using v 3.0.6 -- on os x lion

please tell me how to finally fix this.

(btw - en stays open all the time on my mac - thats how much i use the sw)


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Mine often doesn't auto-sync either (though sometimes it does). I haven't started tracking exactly when it does and doesn't, so I haven't yet filed a support ticket. But for the last couple weeks I've noticed that I'll often come back to the program after a while (it's always open on my computer too) and it hasn't synced since the last time I used it.

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