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Import Simplenote data into Evernote

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Has anyone figured out how to automatically import Simplenote data (text note and associated metadata) into Evernote?

I've searched and all I've found is people migrating in the other direction. Simplenote's export zip file does mostly consist of text files, but the JSON file seems to be ignored, so all the imported text files have the same date (date of import).

I'm now looking at a whole lot of manual work if I can't figure out how to fix the time stamps automatically (assuming I can fix them manually, still looking into that).

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This sounds as if the import routine needs a update. 

Probably support is the only way to get it - if they go down this road. EN offers an import, but they keep it general, not adapting to specific apps exports. If the exporting app is writing special formats (as it seems to be the case here, bundling information into metadata) EN will not catching all.

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Hi.  After a few quick web searches I'm not sure there is an easy way.  Which begs the question:  do you really need to move your whole account?  You could simply leave your existing notes in Simplenote and start using Evernote for new content.  If you find a topic that already has some history in SN,  then manually copy and paste it into EN.  That does mean you're always searching in two places,  but it saves a ton of conversion work.

Evernote - as you probably know by now - can Import ENEX (Evernote export files) and has various ways to acquire web pages and documents;  so if you can export your notes from the original app to any form of web page or document file,  you could do that - and then use a web browser to convert the page to a PDF (document) file and set up one or more Import Folders* on a desktop - which are 'watched' folder that will import any file moved there into an Evernote note.


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