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(Archived) Can't negate notebook in query?

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Odd... I can do a:

-notebook:this tag:whatever

But I can do a:

notebook:this -tag:whatever

With tags you can negate but not force ( +tag: doesn't work but the + is implied).

Also odd that I HAVE to start a query with notebook if I wish to use that operator. Will get used to it but still.

Overall I really like the query language and the way it is exposed, by the way.

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The grammar actually doesn't permit negation of a notebook. This reflects what you see in the (web) search explanation: you can either narrow it down to one notebook, or all notebooks (which leaves off the "notebook:" term entirely).

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Thanks... I sort of expected + and - to work the way they do in Google ... and that it would work across the operators.

No big deal but the notebook negation would have been handy (for me that is, lol)

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