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For some reason, the search function is not working with updated versions of notes. I have found similar posts here; this may be related.

See example 1. The four highlighted articles were updated a few minutes ago--see the updated column.

Now see example 2. These are the same four articles (I made sure there weren't duplicates floating around), but once I apply a saved search, the update flashes back to March 23. 

Basically, certain searches (not all of them) automatically call up an older version. I only noticed it because the "-tag" function (to exclude certain tags) was not working with the four articles that have the tag. Basically, the system seems to have gone back in time to before I added the tag.

I tried this online and had the same problem. The issue in both cases seems to be the "-tag" command. That's what throws it back in time.

Anyone else seeing this? Any solutions?






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8 minutes ago, RJK--Editor said:

Anyone else seeing this? Any solutions?

I think there are at least two issues here. 

If I look at your second screen shot the top of the note says "last edited on Apr 7, 2021"  not Mar 23 as indicated in the updated column of the note list. It therefore looks as though you have the correct note but that the updated column is incorrect. You could try a refresh (ctrl-R) to see if that corrects it but I doubt that it will.

The second issue, which may well be related, is a tag updating issue. It takes a finite amount of time for a change in tags to be reflected in search. Normally these days this is a few seconds. However if the server is having a bad day it can be much longer. I'm having search issues today as well.

The good news then is that the changes you have made to your notes are there. The bad news is that searching is not giving you the expected results - I hope that is going to just be a temporary problem. As always it is worth comparing the web version as that always looks directly at what is on the server, while the desktop app may be looking at the server or your local data base.

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Thank you for such a full and quick response. I went to the online version and it's the same situation there: the "-tag" throws everything off.

I used to love Evernote! It was a simple, intuitive program that did exactly what I wanted and was virtually problem-free. Now everything takes extra steps, they added features I have no need for, they removed features I used throughout the day, nothing is obvious, and there's a weekly problem. I guess it's time to bite the bullet and see about transferring to another program.



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4 minutes ago, RJK--Editor said:

I went to the online version and it's the same situation there: the "-tag" throws everything off.

I see where you are coming from but they do seem to be having search problems today. Fortunately this is rare and will I'm sure get sorted. I'm certainly constantly evaluating the alternatives but remember that search normally works much better so bear that in mind in your evaluation.

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