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Changes not getting saved/synced

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I've had the problem for two-three weeks now. Not every day but at least every second day.
--> This problem most likely concerns version 10.6 released on Mar 8.

  1. Changes that I do on my computer don't get synced on mobile phone (fix: reboot the phone)
  2. Changes I make on the mobile phone disappear. They don't appear on the computer nor on the phone when I open Evernote next time. (fix: use pen and paper instead of evernote 🤬)

Anybody else having these problems? This is really really frustrating...

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Again yesterday 07:30-15:45:

  • 0 changes I made during the day using laptop got synced on the android version (I have 2 mobile phones)
  • 0 notes I wrote using the mobile phone got saved anywhere. While writing the note the "tick mark" is grey instead of green.
  • Around 15:45 all the notes suddenly get synced on both of the mobile phones. Also new note got synced on laptop and the "tick mark" was green.



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Today same thing:

  • Last changes on the mobile phones got synced yesterday
  • Today 16:50 all the changes made on laptop appeared on both mobile phones
  • Changes and new notes created today using mobile phone have just vanished!
    BTW today the "tick mark" was green while using the mobile phones...
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I have the same problem. Android 10.6 (Can't tell exactly which version because that no longer appears in Settings > Support.)

On 5 April I made an entry in my exercise log. That was gone when I opened the note the next day.

On 11 Apr I made notes in my cognitive augmentation journal. Those changes disappeared when I switched to another note for reference and went back to my original note.

I've sent a bug report to Evernote with my activity log from this morning.

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