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Recover Deleted Notebook

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I accidentally deleted a notebook trying to delete a single note and I've lost everything.  Every time I click "Restore Note" from the trash the note disappears forever.  Where is it going?  If I have a backup of my filesystem where would I find the file containing all my lost notes?

I've lost so many notes now, I don't understand where "Restore Note" is supposed to be putting them?  It's just gone.  I can't drag the note from the trash back to a Notebook anymore so then my only option is copy and paste from the few notes I have left in the trash back in to new notes?


I'd love to know that there's a file on the disk somewhere that contains all the notes I could restore from.

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Thanks - OK first I'd suggest you sign in via a browser and Evernote.com to see if there is any sign of your 'restored' notes there.  If not,  check the Trash notebook online and on your desktop.  If there's nothing visible you could report this to Support who may be able to help - at the least they can fix the restore button which should do exactly what it says on the can.  Your backup unfortunately probably won't be much help - Evernote maintains a local database cache,  but accessing it in the backup and finding your notes might be impossible.  Copying content into new notes will rescue the rest,  but what's gone might be lost.  If you have the space,  installing Legacy and backing up from there would be a better disaster plan.


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