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Message display is blocking the Back (<) button

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When I change the reminder of a note, it will display a message "New reminder set for XX".  This display in the older version completely block the Back (<) button for you to get back to the list of notes.  The current version (10.7) move the message display slightly to the side to reveal the Back (<) button.  However, it is still not clickable at first click.  The first click is actually getting rid of the message. Only the next click is 'clickable' or 'working'.

This happens when I change reminder or move note to another notebook (message display is "Move to XXX").
While the message display moves away faster (now about 2 seconds) than the previous versions (3-4 seconds), it is still irritating to click two times or wait 2 minutes for every note that I change reminder or move to another notebook.
Why do we need such a message to be displayed whenever I change reminder or notebook?  We didn't have that in the older versions.  Please remove such messages.IMG_4966.thumb.jpeg.8ede35b0eeed66c3ec3857ff54268821.jpeg
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