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How to automate backup/export of all notebooks (about 20 of them) on regular schedule

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I have about 20 notebooks on different topics and am looking for a more automated way to backup/export all notebooks regularly (eg every 2 weeks). Currently I only know to export one notebook at a time. I just recently used Evernote so I use the new non-legacy version if that matters. Any suggestions?



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I use the Legacy product on a Mac   
My backups are automated with an applescript   
An alternative is third party Backupery

The Version 10 product has no automated solution at present

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Thanks DTLow. I guess Legacy product on my Mac maybe the way to go. Wonder if any negative of Legacy product vs the new version and if they can co-exist? I just worry I may lose some data that stored locally if I uninstall the new version to replace with Legacy. I also never dealt with Apple Script wonder if you can share the script?

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2 hours ago, austinc2004 said:

I also never dealt with Apple Script wonder if you can share the script?

Here's a sample script

tell application "EvernoteLegacy"
set allNotebooks to every notebook ------------------------------------------------------------- identify the notebooks

     repeat with currentNotebook in allNotebooks ------------------------------------------- process each notebook
          set notebookName to (the name of currentNotebook)
set fileBackupenex to "/Users/DTLowDesktop/@Evernote/Evernote_Backup/Notebook-" & notebookName & ".enex"
set fileBackupenex to POSIX path of fileBackupenex
          set theNotes to every note in notebook notebookName

with timeout of (60 * 60) seconds
export theNotes to fileBackupenex format ENEX with tags ------------ export the notebooks
               end timeout
end try
end repeat
end tell

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