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I feel like Evernote is gaslighting me right now.

Everything was going pretty well for the last few days using 10.5 for several days in a row as my daily driver (was on legacy 6.25 prior while EN caught the new version up, mostly in its performance speed).

I have a note I use called my "Super Focused Battle Plan" which I keep as my Pinned home note.

It contains tasks for each day. Anything I don't complete, I drag up to the top of the page where I've made a header for the next day (see below).

I love the new draggable tasks. It makes this very smooth.

So last night, I was wrapping up for the day and I cleaned up this main note, dragging incompletes to a Friday entry for today, as per usual.

Satisfied I was ready for another day, I turned in around 11pm last night.

Today, I go to open my pinned "Super Focused..." note and after a few minutes, I realize, I'm back to Wednesday's data. 

"Odd...thought I made a plan for today..." I think to myself.  As I start creating today's plan, it all comes back to me, though, and I find myself vividly remembering having already done all this last night.

Worse, I can't remember some of the tasks I had lined up so perfectly.


Anyone else losing updates to specific notes like this?

I haven't lost any whole notes yet. Just this partial data loss issue, but it's driving me a bit nuts wondering what could have happened. It's like my wife moved the furniture while telling me it was like that all along... (hence my "gaslighting" comment).


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I once had a note where I saw issues with edits on checkboxes lists not being saved on Win10 client. The checkboxes got stuck on a certain state and no changes were saved or synced from Win10. When Ieft the note and came back I saw the state prior editing. I somehow got out of it with editing and syncing back this note via another client. Afterwards it worked on Windows again. Do not know what caused the issue, but it could be resolved that way. Maybe relating to your description?

Can you reproduce your saving issue with the same note again? If so, please check if after editing and syncing this note on another client but Win 10 the saving problem on Windows might been gone too.

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