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Issue: Note modified with content not made for me

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I have a very important note in my basic account for evernote. The note was modified with content not made it for me. The name Sismaot for the note is modified too, adding with numbers.

I checked my history and the only access for the account is with my phone.

Anybody can help me with information o method to restore the original content .



Thank you


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Have you tried viewing inside the web browser version of Evernote?  You'll have to use a laptop or desktop computer. If the note looks the same in the web view then it is possible that the only way to fix this would be to subscribe as a Premium user for one month. Premium accounts have the ability to see a note history and to revert to an earlier version.

I would be more concerned about how the change occurred. Does this content look like something you have access on your phone? If so I'd be happy that you might have managed to replace the note text by some finger or pocket trouble.  If this is something you have never seen before, do you share your phone with a family member?

Otherwise I'd advise you to change your Evernote password.

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