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PDF attachements will not open

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PDF files I attache to a note will not open. I receive an error that the path is not found (see picture). It happens with a lot of attached PDF files. Also, if I make notes in a PDF file and I save the changes, it won't save it to the PDF file in the note. So I have to save it on my desktop and re upload it again, which is frustrating.

The last time I reached out here I did not receive an answer. This time I would like that to be the case. I am a payed subscriber and I would like Evernote to function as it should. 



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Hi @pkb

I'm not absolutely clear how to reproduce the issues that you describe.  I think, though, that they may be two different issues.  I'll take them is reverse order if I may.

If you open any document that is attached to a note the way to save the changes back into the note is quite limited.  Make the changes, then press save, and only then close the note.  If you choose, instead, to close the note and save the changes at the same time the document will be saved outside Evernote.

If you can describe how you are creating and attaching the PDFs to a note then that might give a clue.  For sure, if you scan into Evernote or use sendto or drag onto the Evernote shortcut then there is a known issue which drops the file suffix.  THis make it difficult to open the document from inside Evernote.  Take a look at the file name at the top of the PDF.  Does it have the PDF suffix?  If not then this could be your issue. Right click on the PDF inside Evernote and rename to add the suffix. Otherwise, please tell us how we can try out reproducing your issue and I'll give it a go and see what results.

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I am seeing similar issue with video file attachments.  Evernote on my laptop Win10 I can click on the video files and view them.  Evernote on my surface pro I get the pop-up that the file cannot be found and then the file is deleted and my note is saved without the original file.  Basically any attachment in a note that I create on my laptop gets deleted by the surface pro version.

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Hi @agsteele,

Thank you for your reply. Lets tackle the "open pdf from the note" issue first. I made two snapshots so you can see what the problem is. When I drag a pdf or add it via the upload function I will be able to see the pdf in the note. I just cannot open it from the note in a pdf viewer and I also cannot save the pdf on my desktop. If I try that, it will say "all files" in stead of "pdf". So that must be the problem. But it used to work fine, suddenly it doesn't. And I don't know how to change it. Because there is not a space in between the actions were I can do something about it.




Schermafbeelding 2021-04-07 125428.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-07 125359.jpg

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OK. Thanks for the explanation.   I just tried this in my installation and it works just as expected.  I can right click in the body of the PDF and select OPEN. This opens in the default PDF viewer on my computer (I use Acrobat). I can click the three dot menu icon '...' in the title bar and select OPEN and that does the same thing.

SImilarly I can save to my desktop following the same steps but choosing SAVE AS rather than OPEN.

I can also drag the PDF from Evernote to the desktop. Does that work for you?

I think I would try a complete uninstall. Close Evernote. Uninstall and be sure to also delete the data and program directories to ensure that you are starting with a clean installation. You'll find these at %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote

The main issue with uninstalling is that any settings you've personalised will be lost and you'll have to do them again but my experience is that this can be the best way to resolving an issue like this.

If this fails, you should take advantage of your Premium status and raise a support ticket.

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Hi @agsteele,

Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I uninstalled EN yesterday and today I re-installed it. But unfortunately it did not solve the issue. Realy weird that something works fine in your account, but not in mine. 

How do I raise a support ticket?



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Normally %AppData% is c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming

and %LocalAppData% is c:\Users\yourname\AppData\local


If you copy and paste the two paths I gave into File Explorer it should take you directly to the directories concerned. The reason for using these %% paths is to overcome any tweaks you might have created in your installation and avoid the need to guess yourname on your PC.

But you do need to delete the directories otherwise reinstalling just uses the old data and will continue to reproduce the error.  If you get stuck and would like some advice while you do the task, I could look over your shoulder with a Zoom conversation.  I'm in the UK so I suspect on a time zone close to you.

Send me a PM if you'd like help.

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