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Now since we suffer through the pain of new Evernote - will Evernote Web be available again on mobile devices?

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Evernote Web was discontinued for mobile device. 

Till today have no idea why Evernote would have decided to do such a move.  When it happend I didn't know about it until one day stranded abroad on an airport I needed to access EN on a tablet where I didn't have EN client installed.

I had no access to cheap networks, no SIM card (I was in transit) and the place had slow public Wifi. 

Very ideal place to access personal notes. I ended up paying for network by megabite of my roaming connection and it was costing me in excess of 100 dollar. 

Times have moved and we do have cheap roaming plans. 

However, the point is there is no reason for Evernote to not provide access to Evernote via the standard mobile browser.

I do not care for the bells and whisles, if all need is basic functions, so read only would be perfectly fine.

I know this topic was beaten up in the forum here in the past, so expect no less than the mods moving this topic at the end of another old thread - in the junk yard of the forum, all to make sure there is only smile and shunshine.

Did I have access the EN web over mobile device, I wouldn't need to download client, then download index and sync etc... all for what, I access one note I needed. Would have saved me time and data.

Since EN is selling us on the new redesigned experience, I am patiently willing to suffer and wait as many of us do because many of us have been here for long time.

Since EN has the new client that should be compatible accross the board and look same on any device and the browser - I see ZERO reason why EN should continue to refuse to give us web access on mobile devices. 

And - please I do not need to hear lessons about how much less fucntionality I will get if I access EN on mobile device using a browser. 

If I am willing to suffer through this all with EN, I am more than ready to live up to the limits of a mobile interface on a browser on a mobile device. Believe me.




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24 minutes ago, itoldusoandso said:

Evernote Web was discontinued for mobile device. 

I just tested; Evernote Web is working on my iPad (Safari browser)

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Not for me.  I'm on Chrome.  It just says ... Evernote not available on mobile browser on phone, please download the app from the play store. 

Attached is the screen pic what it looks like. 

(2) Update.. since you suggeeted you can access it, i tried Evernote using obscure browsers and didn't work and then I turned on "desktop view" and yes in fact now it shows.  

Evernote is misinforming then. If Evernote web works under forced desktop mode then it shouldn't be kept a secret. 

I'm sure this didn't work a few years ago because it didn't but now at least the page renders if I use forced desktop mode.  

So that's a positive.  At least it works now. But I don't know if people are aware.  

However the design should allow accessing Evernote over regular Chrome based web browser on mobile phone without the desktop mode. Every page I can think of can render in mobile browser.  


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