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Does evernote maintain iOS tablet pencil drawings when screen locks yet?

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Hello all, I've been a long time user of Evernote (like 6-7 year) but recently my premium expired and I'm debating whether or not I renew it.  For years, I'd use a moleskine size notebook or livescribe which I'd either photograph or sync into evernote.  I recently upgraded to an ipad pro with a stylus.  Here is my problem:


I work with customers A LOT and it requires both whiteboarding and note taking, but a large amount of pauses and follow up questions.  Which would be fine, BUT my organization mandates my devices have a lock screen time of 5 minutes or less.  So, what typically would happen (and I never realized it for like 6 months) is that I'd make a note with the apple pen into the evernote iOS app, talk with a customer, go back and it'd be gone when I opened up the app.  I just assumed it was cached or saved somewhere - stupid me - I never checked. 


I'd be happy to pay for evernote premium again but this one is a deal killer for me if it doesn't save the notes.  Does anyone know if this is something the latest apps do?  I have tested and I don't think it does, but like I said I'm no longer on premium.  FWIW - apple notes and other apps seem to do this, so it doesn't appear to be a problem with the ipad/ios portion of the system.


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@pkillurThank you for reporting this issue. I would like to understand this a bit more so that we can looking into solving this problem. Are you taking notes in the note directly with apple pencil or taking notes in the sketch option within the insert menu (image below)?



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