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Automatically keep user settings after an update.

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Every time there is a Scannable app update, I have to go into settings and set everything back to what I have already set before the update.

I shouldn’t have to go back in and make sure my settings are right. This really pisses me off every time. I have to re-login, I have to set it to save to Evernote, and I have to set save location. Plus it takes me a while to figure out where the settings are at. Yeah this might be petty but it really pisses me off. 
This is the only app that does this, I don’t have to do the above after updates on any of my other apps!

Please fix this!

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Hi.  Which would you prefer: an option to refuse updates (or at least defer them until you were ready to deal with any fall-out),  or an automatic 'save user settings' as part of the process?  You could suggest that in Feature requests and see how many others agree...

(Sorry - we're [mostly] not Evernote.  This is a user-driven website which Evernote staffers do read,  but there are a lot of requests and posts... Feature Requests at least get some attention.)

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5 minutes ago, rexjc said:

Automatically save the users settings. This should not even be a question. 

You got that this is a mainly user-driven site,  right? So to make the biggest impact for your gripe (and maybe get it fixed) you could either post a feature request to see how many others agree with this,  or raise a support ticket for some direct feedback.  Your choice.  I don't actually care at the moment,  because I'm firmly on the Legacy product with updates turned off until things get a little more turned around.



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Every time there is an update with the Scannable app I have to go into settings and reset everything back to what I had set before the update happened. Please fix this to where it automatically keeps the users settings. This would make me a really happy person. Because I get pissed off every time I have to do it after an update.

All my other apps keep the user settings after an update, don’t know why this app doesn’t do that.

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Thanks, but scannable sent me here. Plus I don’t know the difference. I thought it was all the same thing, Scannable and Evernote!

Anyway Thanks for sending me in the right direction, wherever that is.

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I am positive this isn't only an app update issue.  What I mean by that is sometimes the app goes back to having to log in and do the settings every single day for days on end and sometimes even multiple times a day.  This is killing me.  When I open this app, I need it to work...right then.  Once a week is too many times.  This is a bug, not a feature and I do not believe this is only because of an update.  I've been dealing with this for about three years and today I've just got pissed off enough to come in here and try to find a fix and a reason.  


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The additional apps from EN (Penultimate, Scannable, Skitch) are obviously neglected - just look at the update history. They were bought some years ago, somehow integrated, but never got development attention.

They are +/- „legacy“. I think you can take them as they are, or uninstall.

The scanner build right into the EN app is IMHO doing a better job than Scannable.

If you wan just a scanning app, there is a ton of them available. Some for free (try Microsoft Office Lens). I use for a fee the app ScannerPro by readdle. It has user defined workflows that send my scans into EN, ready with notebook and tag assignment.


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I’ve tried several different apps out there and for form and function, nothing beats Scannable when it works. It let me down the hardest today by resetting while in the middle of saving and emailing the document. 
I use a lot of Readdle apps, but their Scanner app lacks capability. 

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They are now on a subscription model, 22€ a year. I bought it one time purchase before they switched, and they still honor it, providing updates.

What I really like are the workflows. In a workflow I define which cloud service to use (not only EN). They allow WebDAV as well, for a self hosted cloud. 

With EN I can define to which notebook to save, and which standard tags to apply, for each workflow. I have appr. 10, and they cover 70-80% of my scanning.

After taking a scan (can do OCR on device) and naming it, I hit share, select the workflow, and the scan is moved to EN, with minimal rework.

A final little detail about the scanner: It allows to switch cameras on my iPhone Pro Max. I like to go to the Telephoto lens. With the larger distance I avoid to drop a shadow on the document by my phone.

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I’ve got an iPhone 13, not a Pro or ProMax. 
I tried Scanner Pro last year for three months. 
The way Scannable snaps to the document and automatically snaps the picture is very convenient in the environment which I work. Also, Scannable snaps to and pulls the shading out of document MUCH better. 
Yes, the “workflows” are very nice. 

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Hmmmm - for me ScannerPro snaps at least as good - and it is good on correcting the last snappy bit very precisely.

For the blueish shade, it often works to simply change the format from document/color to photo/color. It has controls for exposure and contrast as well - usually a bit up or down on these 2 rulers solves the difficult cases as well.

What is important to me: ScannerPro does an independent OCR and places it into the PDFs , just like my ix500 does in my home office. I like to use EN, but if I decide one day to move on, my scans are all searchable without the EN server voodoo.

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