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Automatically keep user settings after an update.

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Every time there is a Scannable app update, I have to go into settings and set everything back to what I have already set before the update.

I shouldn’t have to go back in and make sure my settings are right. This really pisses me off every time. I have to re-login, I have to set it to save to Evernote, and I have to set save location. Plus it takes me a while to figure out where the settings are at. Yeah this might be petty but it really pisses me off. 
This is the only app that does this, I don’t have to do the above after updates on any of my other apps!

Please fix this!

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Hi.  Which would you prefer: an option to refuse updates (or at least defer them until you were ready to deal with any fall-out),  or an automatic 'save user settings' as part of the process?  You could suggest that in Feature requests and see how many others agree...

(Sorry - we're [mostly] not Evernote.  This is a user-driven website which Evernote staffers do read,  but there are a lot of requests and posts... Feature Requests at least get some attention.)

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5 minutes ago, rexjc said:

Automatically save the users settings. This should not even be a question. 

You got that this is a mainly user-driven site,  right? So to make the biggest impact for your gripe (and maybe get it fixed) you could either post a feature request to see how many others agree with this,  or raise a support ticket for some direct feedback.  Your choice.  I don't actually care at the moment,  because I'm firmly on the Legacy product with updates turned off until things get a little more turned around.



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Every time there is an update with the Scannable app I have to go into settings and reset everything back to what I had set before the update happened. Please fix this to where it automatically keeps the users settings. This would make me a really happy person. Because I get pissed off every time I have to do it after an update.

All my other apps keep the user settings after an update, don’t know why this app doesn’t do that.

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Thanks, but scannable sent me here. Plus I don’t know the difference. I thought it was all the same thing, Scannable and Evernote!

Anyway Thanks for sending me in the right direction, wherever that is.

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