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Please consider making the scratch pad draggable outside the main Evernote app window



The idea of having a place to put quick notes that can then easily be converted, brought into existing notes and otherwise adjudicated all at once is compelling.  So the Scratch Pad feature could be the ideal place for that.  But unless that window can be dragged elsewhere and used while Evernote is minimized, it is less useful since I need to be workin IN Evernote.  Like a todo list, a ScratchPad needs to be handy at a moments notice so that an idea or thought can be captured easily and NOT take me out of my current task of focus.  Here is an example from my own work process.  I write in a specific writing app that has tools I use regularly.  If a particular concept generates and idea I want to remember, I can hit a quick keyboard command, jot it down on a scratchpad, and be back to focusing on writing.  Later- I can go back and clear whatever is on the scratch pad to take action everything there.  If I have to keep evernote open to do that- there are added distractions and possibly navigation.  And while I can use a text file on the desktop for the purpose of capturing those ideas -I would rather have the in EN where they can be sorted/ adjudicated at the end of the hour/ day.  


My solution would be to have the Scratchpad "detachable"  where I could park it in a corner without the distraction of the entire EN app and fill it up as ideas, tasks, reminders come up with minimal fuss and distraction.  Since a lot of what would go onto that scratchpad- I'd like the ease of moving it into EN when I process the scratches

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