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Can't install Evernote due to Rosetta on Apple MacBook 2020 m1

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If you're comfortable using Terminal, you could try to install Rosetta 2 manually, and then go back and try and install Evernote. To install Rosetta 2 manually, launch Terminal, then I believe the below command should do it. Note that I do not have an Apple silicon Mac to test.

/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta


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In general I agree. I read a little about it on the Electron website: Electron released Electron 11 as a beta when Apple announced on the WWDC the Apple Silicon transition, and shipped the Mac Minis for the devs. Electron 11 then later was released officially, in sync with the first M1-Macs.

From what I read it is possible to bundle x86 and ARM code into a "universal" app, but Electron does not recommend it. They recommend to create 2 apps, one for x86, the other for ARM.

Electron has now Electron 16 out in the wild, and EN is on EN v10.25 for the desktop apps. I think something should happen, one day, whenever, soon. But probably not now, and not this year, because Electron shuts down for the month of December, giving the whole team a break. If I were using their framework, I would not launch a release based on a new framework version when nobody is home.

Just my 5ct ...

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